International trader of Industrial Spares​

Imetex is a supplier of spare parts and accessories for foreign-built production machinery. We can help your company avoid the often time-consuming, troublesome, and costly process of sourcing urgently required parts from abroad or through the original machine tool manufacturer. We can supply virtually any component from any manufacturer to your company quickly and at a reasonable cost. For your company, there are no language and cultural barriers, no difficulties with customs clearance, no hassle with payments in foreign currency, and no unexpected costs.

At the moment we are serving customers in more than 20 countries on all 5 continents !

Electric AC and DC • Hydraulic • Pneumatic • Geared Motors • Encoders • Motor Brushes • Motor Components • Brakes • Replacement Motor

Valves • Seal Kits • Pumps • Motors • Cylinders • Accumulators • Tubing • Fittings Electric Relays • Fuses • Light Bulbs • Controllers • Encoders • Diodes • Switches • Connectors

Pump Spare Parts • Temperature Controllers • Robotic Components • Couplings • Lubrication Components • Measuring Instruments • Gages • Torque Measuring Systems


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